Why Decarma MF Institute?

After years of being asked to bring her experience online, Decarma MF is finally pleased to announce the first chapter of her new Online Masterclass series. 

You can now enrol into Decarma MF ‘s popular platform and gain instant access to her custom-designed curriculum which has been carefully crafted to guide students at all levels through the art of transformation.

Additionally, Decarma MF’s team will educate, inspire, and help you to be able to transform spaces including ceiling designs to elaborate table settings. You will learn the skills to create a luxury event, as well as networking with peers in the same industry from around the globe. 

Each NEW member will receive a personalized kit safely to their door with useful Goodies that will kick an excitement start of the course! 

This comprehensive course has been streamlined into an interactive teaching method that will help you utilize the online curriculum, videos, digital textbook, and template materials.

All students work with an online instructor; helping them to complete their graduating project and fulfill the requirements to finally earn their Event and Wedding planning certification after accomplishing the two levels courses.

“Get ready to transform amazing spaces into your clients’ dreams and your business into your own universe!”

Intermediate Level

  • Designed to help you reach the professional level in all aspects needed to create a successful event from start to finish while also incorporating industry suppliers through surprising live meetings.
  • This course focuses on building dramatic, over-the-top designs such as ceiling décor, wall treatments, flowers, etc.
  • Together we will discuss multiple topics that will help broaden your business and expand your creativity. 
  • REGISTRATION IS OPEN and all levels are welcome to attend!!

In this Intermediate course, you will learn how to

  • Define your own creative style
  • Design and create concepts based on customer expectations
  • Utilize colour theory and styles of Architecture
  • Understand the methodology behind formulas for design and budget
  • Plot and read floor plans and create renderings
  • Find design resources and establish suppliers partnerships

Tuition Includes

  • Access to the Online Course
  • Customized kit delivered to your doorstep
  • One on-one time for demanding Q&As (10-15 mins)

Advanced Level

  • This intensive course is designed to obtain all the fundamental factors needed to lead a magnificent experience like food and beverage, entertainment, and much more.
  • keep you at the forefront of running and operating a successful wedding planning business.
  • Live online meetings with some of the top exciting vendors in the industry. 
  • Learn how Decarma MF effectively manages pricing to gain profit. 
  • REGISTRATION IS OPEN when you accomplish the Intermediate level.

In this Advanced Course, you will learn how to

  •   Locate a suitable venue
  •   Customize the appropriate food & beverage
  •   Connect the right vendors
  •   Coordinate the big day’s agenda
  •   Plan & expand related events
  •   Understand destination logistics 

Tuition Includes

  •   Access to the Online Course
  •   One on-one time for demanding Q&As (15-30 mins)
  •   Certification – Receive your certificate & the professional designation as a Signature Event & Wedding Planner from Decarma MF Institute + Destination Wedding Specialist Association (DWSA)
  • Internship opportunities

EGP 9,000 (incl Tax)

EGP 15,000 (incl Tax)

Rewarding your Commitment

Sign up today for both courses and receive a 20% discounted rate.*

Expand the family by referring the course to a friend and you both receive a 10% each cash reward from the course’s fee.*

*Cannot combine both offers